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4 Reasons Why You Keep Having Painful Sex

First of all, you should realize that the pain you are experiencing can be caused by stress, by vaginismus, or by an infection or another disease. Here are some of the most common causes:

  1. Dryness. If your vagina is not lubricated, then it may hurt during sex. That is why you should take your time and not underestimate the foreplay. Or, use lubricant.
  2. Stress. If you are constantly under pressure, then you may find it difficult to relax.
  3. Vaginal infections. Various kinds of vaginal infections can cause pain during sex. If you think that you are having an infection, visit your gynecologist as quickly as possible.
  4. Menopause. The changes that occur in your vagina during menopause may cause sexual pain. Hormones could help you with that.

Talk to your doctor

No matter what the cause of your pain, the best thing you can do is probably visiting your doctor. Talk to them about your problem and they will help you find out the cause. Do not be ashamed to talk about your issue. Many other women have the same problem. Just ask your friends and you will see. And of course, talk to your partner, you do not have to be dealing with this alone. Your partner will definitely help you get through this.

Do something about it!

Do not let the pain ruin your sex life. Nobody wants to keep having painful sex. Sex should be enjoyable. And you deserve that!


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